The Rake Style Guide: The Mods of Japan

The Mods shot to fame in the Swinging London of the sixties, characterised by their scooters and parka coats, and influencing music artists like The Beatles, The Jam, and The Who, and later Oasis and Miles Kane. But their aesthetic has found a home outside of Britain: briefly to the US in the mid-1960s and more unusually, but more deeply entrenched, in Tokyo some time after their peak.
Tokyo mods for POPEYE magazine, early 90s.

According to Japanese Mod Manabu Kuroda, the 1979 filmQuadrophenia(which charts the lives of their young London counterparts in the sixties heyday) was to ignite the movement. Although Kuroda had been following Mod culture before the seventies, the release of the movie was to gather new and old faces to independent cinemas to discuss their love for bands like The Who or The Jam. In fact, it was a dedicated The Jam fanclub who organised their own version of the Mods Mayday meetup in Tokyo, in 1981. With over two-hundred attendees, the gathering was considered the birth of the Japanese Mod scene.


October 2022


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