This Week We're Channelling: George Falconer in A Single Man

George Falconer in Tom Ford’s A Single Man may be tragically depressed, but his polished style hints at a man in control…
Colin Firth and Julianne Moore star in Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man (2009).

It was inevitable that Tom Ford’s directorial debut, the highly acclaimed A Single Man, would be adownrightvisual feast. The 2009 film is so tastefully executed that it could only be the work of someone with an acute sense of the aesthetic - a man who has dedicated his life to the pursuitand provisionof beauty - a fashion designer, no less. Equal parts style and substance, it follows a single day in the life of gay college professor George Falconer (played by Colin Firth) as he plans his suicide, following the tragic death of the love of his life. With a supporting cast that includes the wonderful Julianne Mooreas George’s eccentric best friend and Nicholas Hoult as his curious and bright-eyed student, the film makes for an enthralling cinematic experience that brings the viewer along for the ride. This feeling is only heightened through fastidious attention to detail and an exquisitesense of precision. Its early 1960s Southern Californian backdrop lends itself to the most sumptuous of settings, propsand costumes. Even the dreamlike quality of the cinematography is carefully considered, creating a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere as the colour shifts betweensoftand saturated,dependent on the emotional tone at that moment.


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    March 2019


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