This Week We’re Channelling: Warren Beatty in McCabe & Mrs Miller

You don’t have to order raw eggs with your whisky to look as tough as John McCabe in Robert Altman’s Western; here’s how to update his look.
Warren Beatty on set for McCabe & Mrs Miller, 1971.

Temperatures in Europe are dipping well below zero at the moment, so inevitably many are wishing they had a wardrobe like that of The Chronicles of Narnia… In other words, one full of fur coats that instantly transports you somewhere magical (preferably the Maldives, since we’re fantasising here). But if the teleporting closet is a stretch, the coat is certainly attainable, and this week we’re looking to Warren Beatty in cult Western flick McCabe & Mrs Millerfor inspiration. Beatty’s character sports a gold tooth and dodgy centre-parted hair style, refuses to bathe, runs a brothel and has a gambling problem – none of which portray him too favourably. His redeeming features, however, are a bloody good coat and a decent dress sense.

    Buried in folds of fur, he sports a bowler hat and generous facial hair. While the look is inevitably dated - as is the use of real fur - he has undeniable swagger, and the general aesthetic can be easily updated. Our Motoluxe teddy bear coats are woven in a cotton-backed deep-pile blend of alpaca and mohair, which feels like you’re being enveloped in a fur-lined duvet, and a felt fedora is far less stuffy than a bowler. With both coming in varying neutral shades, you can match your fur to your felt, and with brown being the best colour to invest in this year, it makes perfect sense to start with tailoring you’ll wear season after season. Rubinacci’s herringbone tweed is timeless, tactile and fully lined so that you remain warm even when you slip out of your teddy bear, and our range of grooming products means there’s no excuse to let your beard look like Beatty’s.


      February 2018


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