Travel Journal: Venice

It begins with a gondola—as it ought to in Venice. In the early morning hours, while the sun yawns out into the open lagoon, the small boats skate vertically above the water and life restarts in the world’s most beautiful city.
  • fashion director Melissa Jane Tarling

  • by Chris Cotonou

  • photography Brandon Hinton

Erik wears Heritage Check Suit by Edward Sexton, White Linen Capri Collar Shirt by Cordone 1956 and Sagan Classic Plain In Black Deerskin by Baudoin & Lange. Alyona wears Stylist's own.

For those of us on land, Venice is a hard place to navigate. The streets offer innumerable dead-ends and paths that lead to the water, forcing visitors to backtrack and resort to mental compass-bearings. North. South. (Where is the Grand Canal? Is it that way?) OK. Go East, follow the path. Turn West. You might arrive at your destination.



September 2022


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