Turnbull & Asser New York: From Mayfair to Manhattan

Making it big in the Big Apple is no easy feat, but with dedicated staff and equally committed customers, Turnbull & Asser’s success has continued to flourish in New York…
Turnbull & Asser's New York store.

Turnbull & Asser has long been labelled quintessentially British. The brand’s flagship store, located on London’s iconic Jermyn Street, is a pillar of tradition, from its handmade bespoke shirts to the mahogany panels and Chesterfield sofas. So how does a heritage brand with such a British identity translate across the pond?

“We have a great opportunity to provide New York with a quintessentially British experience, through our made in England mantra,” Rob Gillotte tellsThe Rake. Gillotte heads up the bespoke department in T&A’s New York store on East 57thStreet. With 20 years at T&A on his resumé, he provides the kind of bespoke experience that makes gentlemen re-arrange their travels to include a stopover in NYC. “Many have come to know us from their travels abroad or their desire to dress well, and we embrace the personalities and conversations we have had along the way. Customers come to us as the purveyors of style and heritage, so that is what we offer. The beauty of bespoke means we can create pieces with the best of both worlds in mind.”

There’s no mistaking that customers – be it locals or travellers – visit the store to tap into that British sense of propriety, tradition and quality that T&A’s products have always delivered. “Our Jermyn Street store has long been frequented by New Yorkers and world travellers alike, which is why we were able to bring Mayfair to Manhattan,” says Gillotte. “How does the saying go? If the shirt fits…”


October 2017


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