Urbane Outfitter: Chris Modoo

Christopher Modoo, the senior creative at Savile Row tailor Chester Barrie, guides The Rake through his favourite looks and cherished personal possessions.

When not dining at the finest establishments in London — including his favourite haunt, 45 Jermyn Street — Christopher Modoo, the senior creative at remarkable ready-to-wear Savile Row tailor Chester Barrie, spends his time creating some of the most inspired English tailoring known to man. Having built up the house’s reputation as a superior contemporary outfitters, known for its glamorous designs, clever concepts and erudite taste in fabrics, he is a passionate advocate of high-end ready-to-wear suiting for the modern man. “Good ready-to-wear allows you to try different looks and have something curated for you,” he says. “Bespoke can be either quite safe or you can end up looking like a customised car-kit, saying ‘yes’ to every option.” No danger of that at Chester Barrie. Fortunately, Modoo’s designs are as immaculate as his tastes.


February 2017


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