Well Heeled

When it comes to blending old school sporting style with contemporary formal wear, Corthay’s Francois Pourcher has got it covered. But then that’s to be expected, given his credentials as the…

Corthay’s Francois Pourcher is a bon vivant if ever there was one - passionate as he is about fine shoes, vintage sports cars and rare wines. As Communications Director of one of the most chic shoemakers in Paris, his style is suitably easy-going, nonchalant and channels a contemporary hint of automotive chic; think leather driving or motorcycle jackets worn with clean-cut denim or slim flannels. Of course, his look is always finished with a pair of vibrant, dynamic and almost impossibly chiseled Corthay shoes, but then would one expect anything less of one of the most cosmopolitan men in French luxury?

When it comes to his own personal style, Francois champions a versatile look that travels flawlessly between different environments; “style reflects individualism, personality and men tend to naturally highlight different characters and identities. I like the idea that a man should be himself naturally, and mix formal and casual aesthetics. It’s so convenient, you can have a formal meeting, travel and then be on a terrace in a cool place with family or friends and it works flawlessly.”


April 2016


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