Stylish Golf Attire: On and off the course

Golf has been littered with stylish and eccentric personalities, some better at golf than others. It’s a gentlemanly-yet-convivial sport, that not only gives you license to play with flair, but a shot at making a real style statement. It is made possible by turning to some of the most reputable brands in menswear.

(L-R) Tom Weiskopf, Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, and Lee Trevino (Photo Marvin E. Newman/Sports Illustrated SetNumber: X19930)

The history of golf style harkens back to when it originated in 15th-century Scotland. Gentlemen wore heavy tweeds, knickerbockers and starched collars. Yet, it wasn’t until much later that its style became sexier, more playful and ultimately less rigid. Bing Crosby, who was at the forefront of Hollywood’s stylish elite during the prohibition era and beyond, always opted for an aesthetic that was singularly very classical, but was paired and worn with gaiety, most notably at Agua Caliente, Tijuana - a resort accommodating a renaissance of hedonism for Hollywood’s glamour set. He wore a long-sleeve cardigan, right up until his death: coincidently on a golf course in Madrid after suffering a fatal heart attack. It’s on the lower half that many come unstuck, but not Crosby-crooner supreme, sticking to his high-rise, wide-leg, gabardine trouser of which a modern iteration is Edward Sexton's version in stone. His easy style was typically capped with pipe and fedora hat.

His great friend Sam Snead, whose nicknames included “The Slammer”, “Slammin’ Sammy Snead,” and “The Long Ball Hitter from West Virginia” was admired by many for having the “perfect swing.” It was no surprise then that he won three Masters Tournaments in 1949, 1952 and 1954. Iconic for his straw fedoras wrapped at the base with a colourful or printed tie, Snead had a signature look throughout his whole career, donning a rather laid-back style on the course with either a white or yellow buttoned-up polo shirt under a V-neck sweater. It was a more vibrant appearance than that of the great players who preceded him.


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2021


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