Suede reigns in Autumn

Rebellious in nature, but oozing charm and sophistication, suede can be the focal point of your outfit this autumn.

The rehabilitation of a softer, more casual, 1970s-inspired aesthetic has been quietly happening for a little while. After years of pared-back minimalism devoted to by the spiritually empty, people have realised that the sterile simplicity of clean-cut and solid designs has brought the death knell for individualism. People want to reclaim their uniqueness, which is contributing to a clothing shift towards deeper textures, flamboyancy in colour and theatrical shapes.

Minimalism is centred on simplicity which is why it definitely didn’t take off in the 1970s. The ‘70s was a complicated decade which saw pop culture and politics collide on a cataclysmic scale. It was the era of the women’s rights movement, strikes and the Watergate scandal mixed in with the emergence of glam-rock. It is perhaps why the complicated and high-maintenance nature of suede became so popular during the decade. Despite this slightly unforgiving assertion about suede, there is a lot to revere about the material. It has lustful, comforting and adventurous traits, which when implemented into jackets, made by some of the most reputable menswear designers from around the world – suddenly its maintenance pitfalls are duly forgotten about. Here at The Rake we’re lucky to offer a collection of suede clothing that is certainly in the top band.


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2020


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