Summer Shoes: Stalwarts and the Undetected

It is time to bring fresh impetus into your summer shoe arsenal. Gone are the days when your year-round loafer sees you through. Think about some of the underrated styles, crafted by the most adept shoemaking artisans in the world.
Pablo Picasso wearing his signature Breton T-shirt with espadrilles at home in Cannes, 1960.

Finding high-quality summer shoes can be like acquiring works of art from one of the well-known painters. You’ve got to be patient, and when you’ve unearthed what you’re looking for, be bold and splash out. The excitement of the summer shoe pilgrimage, is that it’s sometimes the less obvious shoe that grabs your attention. In view of the height of summer fast approaching, we thought it good timing to highlight a few key designs.


They’re a little rough around the edges, literally as well as metaphorically. But you can keep your knotted neckerchief, fisherman’s cap and Breton top - nothing speaks more of a life on the waves than a humble pair of espadrilles. Or, at least, of a life near the waves: although the espadrille was created as a rugged, comfortable shoe for fishermen and other hard-toiling folk, it has somewhat been co-opted by Riviera cafe culture.

It’s the shoe you wear not just when you want to dress down for the sun and sand, like the real locals do, but when you want to dress up in a way to signal the fact. It’s a look both cool and refined, as displayed by JFK on holiday and Alain Delon in Plein Soleil, for Salvador Dali at rest and for Pablo Picasso at work.

Capturing the exciting vibe of an endless summer, Manebí creations are injected with a colorful and energetic spirit and offer the right balance between hip style and long-lasting quality.


    Freddie Anderson


    June 2021


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