Survival Instincts

What would you be prepared to do for a special-edition dive watch? Well, Panerai and the Italian military have dreamed up an offer you can’t refuse. Sadly, our man on the ground reached his limit with the tinned turkey…
The Panerai Submersible Forze Speciali Xperience Edition.

In 25 years of writing about things expensive, I’ve come to realise that a common denominator shared by aspects of the so-called luxury lifestyle is passivity. It’s mostly about getting others to do things for you, lounging about achieving little, being made to feel stiflingly safe, or owning things that, perhaps, no one needs. And so smart-thinking marketers have devised ways of getting customers and clients to pay for being in adrenaline- tweaking situations. To wit, Panerai have pulled off what may be the ultimate ‘experience’ by charging people almost £50,000 to be shouted at, belittled and physically challenged — though they do get a watch thrown in.


Simon de Burton


January 2023


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