Tartan up for Burns Night

Tonight, Scottish folk celebrate Burns Night – to commemorate Robert Burns. In all corners of the globe Scots will be donning their best tartan clobber and raising a wee dram to their most famous poet.
Robert Burns

Burns Night, celebrated on or around the 25th January, marks the birthday of Scotland’s most beloved bard, poet and lyricist, Robert Burns. So highly treasured as a symbol of Scottish culture, it is widely thought that the revelry and jocularity eclipses St. Andrew's Day.

Despite being lauded as the national poet of Scotland, his impact and recognition stretches far beyond the country of his birth. No Scottish figure has infiltrated and influenced global culture to the extent that Burns has; the USSR issued a stamp in his honour, Steinbeck used his line to title Of Mice and Men, Bob Dylan named him as his greatest inspiration, and Michael Jackson supposedly came up with “Thriller” after reading “Tam o’ Shanter”. And in the present, the UK embassy in Argentina is to host its first ever Burns Supper.


    Freddie Anderson


    January 2022


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