Technical Outerwear

For the occasions when your beloved winter coat can no longer stand up to inclement weather, add a piece of outerwear that blends technical prowess with high-style to your armoury.
Prince Charles at The Fernie Hunt Cross Country Team Event wearing a Barbour style raincoat, 1979 (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

In the field of artisanal craftsmanship, there’s few brands who are able to blend technical prowess with an appreciation of an aesthete. The trusty herringbone overcoat will always have its place amongst tailoring folklore, but sometimes the particular environment you find yourself in requires high-performance clothing which is only possible through cutting-edge innovation.

High-performance permutations in outerwear has moved on quite considerably in the last ten years. However, it has jeopardised its flare, chicness and charisma. In fact, the unrelenting devotion to out peak other brands in terms of high-performance has suffocated the style out of it and has become downright mundane. There is, however, a small minority bucking that trend and here on The we’re lucky enough to bring you a select few brands who offer highly functional coats and jackets that lose none of their intended elegance.


    Freddie Anderson


    December 2020


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