That's a wrap: Scarves

To help you beat the freeze in style, we handpick a selection of scarves that are made from the softest materials.

Photo by Rikesh Chauhan

It may feel like this winter is never-ending, but we’re yet to pass the halfway mark. Madrid can attest to this with the Spanish capital experiencing a foot and a half of snow last weekend. There are some extraordinary and beautiful pictures of Spanish flags rippling in front of the imposing Cibeles Palace, which is white over in thick snow. To protect you from the increasingly volatile elements, there is one underrated accoutrement that should have pride of place in abundance in your wardrobe and that is the scarf.

It can be such just a vital and important component to any outfit. Wearing a scarf can uplift a look from simple to elegant, from plain to polished, whilst remaining utterly timeless in its own right. The scarf can come in a few different guises, but whatever its nature of design, The Rake takes great pleasure in offering a selection from some of the leading names in menswear.

There’s not many fabrics as soft and warm as cashmere – and in a check pattern, it’s widely considered the go-to winter scarf. Established in 1767, Joshua Ellis have certainly earnt their stripes, when it comes to producing cashmere scarves in check. Their grey Glen Check scarf is a timeless design, whilst you can imagine Cary Grant and David Niven sporting their evocatively stylish white, black and marmalade check Heritage scarf. Established in the same century and holding three Royal Warrants, Johnstons of Elgin use cashmere fibres that are hand-combed from the under-belly of goats in China and Mongolia. Alternatively, there is luxurious cashmere scarves from famed cloth purveyors, Fox Brothers.


Freddie Anderson


January 2021


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