The Architect

Before Prince and Michael Jackson, before Elvis and the Stones, before the life force we know as modern rock ’n’ roll, there was Little Richard, the God-fearing singer and preacher who made it all possible…
Little Richard performs at the London Rock ’n’ Roll show at Wembley Stadium in August 1972.

When the singer Little Richard died, in 2020, musical luminaries were quick to laud his influence. Without him, there would have been no Beatles, no Rolling Stones, no David Bowie, no Prince. Keith Richards said his music was “like taking the best acid in the world”. He was also a queer pioneer, a thunderous mix of power and flamboyance with a visionary gender- fluid sense of style. Yet as two recent documentaries about him have suggested, he was scandalously under-appreciated for most of his life.


August 2023


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