The Art of Crafting a Francesco Maglia Umbrella

Rain – loved by ducks and owners of Francesco Maglia umbrellas. Joshua Bozin goes behind the scenes at the umbrella maker’s workshop…

There are very few items in a man’s arsenal which hold true sentimental value. We’re talking about those items that won’t decay with time, nor be forgotten with passing years. Francesco Maglia has been crafting umbrellas for over 160 years, making a product we so long for in today’s market of fast fashion. Made to last a lifetime, the stalwart umbrella is reminiscent of a time gone by… but it’s making a comeback. The umbrella, for a considerable amount of time, has been somewhat forgotten; scarcely used and often neglected. Because, why would we need an umbrella in this day and age? With the rapid evolution of technology and globalisation as a whole, the likes of ubers, public transport and the automotive industry has made its services readily available. In other words, we can get from A to B quite comfortably. But Francesco Maglia, now a 6th generation Maglia from Milan, Italy, is bringing back the romanticism of owning - and carrying - the long-trusted umbrella, guaranteed to stay with you through the peaks and valleys of life (yes, we refer to London’s formidable weather patterns).

“Francesco Maglia umbrellas are a product from a different time; a time where people weren't travelling with cars or with public transport. They would have to walk everywhere. So, the umbrella was one of the most important products for the population of the time,” explains Francesco Maglia, director of namesake company. “Today, the tradition remains the same as it did when my great, great, great, great grandfather started the company in 1854. Every Francesco Maglia umbrella is made-to-measure in our workshop in Milano, offering a very large selection of products to our customers which are all uniquely different and perfectly made for you.”


    August 2019


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