The Art of Transeasonal dressing

With adaptability, elegance and a little colour: wool, flannel, suede, and heavier cottons will lift your spirits during the gap in season.

The practice of transeasonal dressing is a long corridor, flanked on either side by doors - each offering different possibilities. Drastic weather ordeals can collide in a day, which means it’s a risk to wear shorts or a cashmere coat. It is not about the winter rooms or the summer rooms, but about cunningly electing fabrics, cuts and colours from each ­– to muster up a cool, comfortable and foolproof outfit.

One of the most influential artistic styles of the twentieth century, Cubism was about representing reality by bringing different views of subjects together in the same picture. Pioneers of the movement such as Picasso and Georges Braque were able to break down objects and figures into distinct areas to show different viewpoints at the same time and within the same space. It is an accession shrouded in complexity, but the basic approach of separating seasonal codes to form a new one altogether is not an outlandish endeavour and if creatively constructed, you can end up having some real fun with your style.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2021


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