The Bunker Presents… The Enthusiast Video Series

The Bunker is redefining Automotive Hospitality through their unrivalled collection of vehicles, to create a boutique hotel and experience unlike any other. The Enthusiast is an original video documentary series, geared towards automotive enthusiasts from around the world.
David Bren, Founder and CEO of The Bunker.

The intersection where community, culture and cars converge, The Bunker is much more than a club. They are leading the path to an entirely new social atmosphere which aims to shift perspectives and redefine the automotive experience. The Bunker is not the four walls that surround you, but the people and the community inside them. Through their collection of extraordinary vehicles, they are uniting car aficionados from around the world to celebrate what drives us onwards.

This brings us to The Enthusiast — an original video documentary series with unmissable content featuring interviews with car aficionados, experts and personalities. It provides a closer look at the car culture within global communities, through interviews with the likes of The Bunker’s founder and CEO, David Bren to Dan Brunn, Colleen Sheehan, NJ Falk and many more.

Episode One: David Bren


May 2021


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