The Enduring Appeal Of The Long-Sleeved Polo Shirt

With its unflashy character and perpetual flexibility, the long-sleeved polo shirt is the unsung hero in a man’s wardrobe. It’s certainly a garment that should lead the way during the gap in season and beyond.
Jacqueline Kennedy (C), spending a two-week vacation in Ravello with daughter Caroline, sister Lee Radziwill and Gianni Agnelli. (Photo via Getty)

It’s always been hard to fathom why the long-sleeved polo shirt - a ubiquitous item in a man’s wardrobe, gets such feeble coverage compared to its short-sleeved counterpart. “A jack of all-trades, master of none”, in clothing terms, is perhaps why publicly its recognition remains steady at best. Privately though, its peerless smart-casual credentials make it a fundamental wardrobe asset for many folks.

As we’ve all been traipsing around the city in our long overcoats and heavy knits for what seems like an eternity, donning a long-sleeved polo feels like a natural step now spring has sprung. Its clean lines, and the addition of a collar give off a smart, refined feel while the softer material and slimmer cut ensures it never comes across as stuffy. It even has the ability to expose the physical attributes of a man's upper half, with a degree of masculine sensuality - as expressed by Richard Gere in American Gigolo, 1980.


Freddie Anderson


April 2023


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