The Four Trouser styles you need for Winter

It can be a rather swift weather turnaround when October arrives, but for your wardrobe to comply with this, it’s nothing more complicated than shifting to much heavier fabrics. Here at The Rake we’re lucky enough to bring you a wide selection of trousers from some of the most reputable menswear brands around the world.
Cary Grant and Randolph Scott (Photo courtesy of Alamy)

This recent blast of solar radiation is likely to end at the same speed it did for many of the famous turncoats in military history. Around the corner is the sight of half-bare trees whose blend of pink, brown and green leaves will detach from their stems and whirl around in the wind on the ground. This myriad of colours illustrates that autumn has arrived, which means a shift to warmer cloths such as flannel, corduroy, heavier wools and even a touch of tweed. Our selection of impeccably tailored trousers in a variety of styles in these autumnal fabrics will calm any trouser conundrums you might have been experiencing.



The flat-fronted construction makes the silhouette smoother and straighter, creating a more streamlined look that is optimal for the slimmer gentleman but can sometimes struggle to comfortably contain a larger man’s seat. The specifics can vary, but today the ivory corduroy trouser from Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo offers a casually sartorial option. They feature adjustable side tabs and for that finer detail — a beautiful button fly. They arrive unfinished, but to dress them up, simply add a turn-up and pair them with a double-breasted jacket that isn’t too deep in texture such as The Rake Tailored Garments navy double-breasted blazer. Flannel possesses the perfect balance of fabric credentials for winter. The cloth is toasty and cosy, whilst maintaining just the right amount of classical élan. From esteemed mill, VBC, the Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo grey POW check flannel James trouser (part of a suit) but sold as a separate, is a versatile trouser option heading into cooler months. In a flat-fronted design, they have the ability to show off your physical attributes around the waist, correlative to the sharp way in which Sean Connery wore his glen plaid, melange grey suit in Goldfinger. Aptly named after the suave Bond actor, eschewing a more tapered yet warm aesthetic is the dark blue plain weave flannel ‘Connery’ model from trousers specialist Kit Blake. In keeping with the slimmer designs, Italian tailoring titans, Rubinacci offer a selection of soft medium-wale corduroy in autumnal hues such as dark beige, green and burgundy.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2020


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