The Importance of the Rake Values

To most it might seem appropriate to capacitate today’s international news as a disaster, but whilst the human spirit is still positively entwined with one another, The Rake believes this can be just a global setback where it is important to stay ethically and morally stable to deter this perceived downturn from getting the better of us.

At The Rake we are of the firm belief that optimism is the elixir that inspires creativity, beauty and conviviality. History is hung on a timeline of exploration, based on the faith that there is something better over the horizon, so long as we have courage. Negative forces like coronavirus are trying to stem the tide of what we want to achieve, but The Rake's mission to bring nobility, enlightenment and pride to men whatever their age and background, remains the valiant cause to which we must commit. This was such a powerful justification for bringing The Rake Values to you as part of our insistence that style can, and must be ethical and unexploitative, of both the customer and the maker. Its existence reminds us that not just a select few, but all men, should benefit from the experience of wearing clothes that can bring confidence to the wearer, and we want to be able to bring that to you. Italian partners of ours are suffering because of this pandemic and it is for us to keep that message of their superlative talent and skill as well as the potential to change your life by wearing. Self-isolation can still be spent acquiring beautifully made garments that helps support those who have had these hard times forced upon them. So we have taken it upon ourselves to dramatically reduce our margin to give positivity in a dark time and remind people that this too shall pass. It will all be alright in the end and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end. Fear in the human spirit is what we must extinguish, and coronavirus’ greatest danger at present is the fear it has sewn into the news cycle through its malevolent ambiguity. You can still find your optimism with us.

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      March 2020


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