The Leica Singapore Portraits Series: Part One  

The Rake teamed up with Leica Singapore to document influential artists using their new SL2-S system. In Part One, we meet Jihae An and Shaun Gordon.

Having specialised in portrait and reportage photography for a few years, I — like most photographers — am pretty open in admitting that Leica carry the majority ‘holy grail’ systems one could only dream of owning. The cameras are a feat of engineering and understated design, with a touch of magic just to set it apart further. The latter element is quite hard to exactly describe. It’s more a feeling than a technical component (of which there are plenty). When you wield a Leica camera, you can’t help but feel as if you’ve transcended to a different playing field. You suddenly have a lot more respect, authority and confidence. People walking past notice it immediately. You’ve moved on from apprentice to master, and like all things, with great power comes great responsibility.


August 2021


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