The Liberation Of Rubinacci's Vintage Cloth Archive

With over 200,000 feet of vintage cloth, Rubinacci become the first tailor to digitize their inimitable archive. Only a dynasty with equal history are able to muster up such a unique offering. It is likely we won’t see one for a long time.

Behind closed doors, usually the grand sorts that lead to a family fiefdom, there is occasionally a rare and precious collection of significant historical importance. Sometimes guarded in secrecy, these unique collections could be anything from Ming Dynasty Chinese porcelain, Chippendale furniture, rare books or in Rubinacci’s case vintage cloth. Responsible for defining the Neapolitan tailoring trademark, the noble house of Rubinacci have taken the decision to offer some of their 200,000 feet of vintage cloth. For vintage textile lovers and curious menswear enthusiasts alike, this is a critical juncture in life. Having the chance to access their extraordinary archive to buy cloth individually or for commission, it is quite simply an opportunity too good to miss.



Freddie Anderson


May 2021


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