The Memovox: The Greatest Alarm Watch of All Time

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea is an homage to the legendary divers from JLC and their mechanical alarms.

The alarm functionality is arguably one of the most important and useful ones in our lives; and one that most of humanity uses everyday, sometimes even several times a day. With the advent of technology and smartphones, people can now easily track and remind themselves of the important events or appointments of a day, time the cooking duration of a dish, and of course set the morning alert which will signal the start of a new day.



In today’s times then, a mechanical alarm serves very little purpose compared to its digital counterpart. But what it lacks in versatility, it gains in charm and fascination, and links humankind to a vastly different time from the one that we are accustomed to.

Although the concept of an alarm signal can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece and philosopher Plato, when it comes to mechanical watches, the first watch to receive a mechanical alarm function was the Vulcain Cricket in 1947. To ensure that the alarm function would be loud enough for the wearer, Vulcain opted to use a double caseback system to guarantee that the alarm would resonate properly without affecting and adding excessive thickness to the timepiece.


    Israel Ortega


    June 2020


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