Paul Bettany has known tragedy and bliss; his career has nurtured let-downs and mega hits. Through it all, the 50-year-old Londoner has remained one of the most dynamic and versatile actors of his generation. With his next project, A Very British Scandal, coming to T.V. screens, Nick Scott finds him in ebullient mood….
  • fashion director Grace Gilfeather

  • by Nick Scott

  • photography Kathryn Boyd Brolin

Suede suit and knitted polo neck jumper, Ralph Lauren Purple Label; gold Rolex Day-Date and L.G.R spectacles, Paul Bettany’s own.

Zoom-imposed teething troubles dealt with, greetings complete, Paul Bettany — perched at a desk in a rented house in South Carolina, next to a golf course flanked by an alligator-infested lake — squints hard at his inbox. “Hang on... Where is it, where is it? I’ve just got to check my talking points... ”

“Talking points?”

“‘Don’t mention the war’ stuff. Things I’m not supposed to say. There’s always a list. When I did press for The Da Vinci Code, in which I played an albino Catholic murderous monk, I was told I couldn’t talk about albinism, Catholicism or murder. Hilarious.”


    December 2021


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