In partnership with Pontiac Land Group, The Rake and Revolution usher in a new era of luxury resort retail.

This summer and for the rest of the year, we are going to want to remake our vital bonds with this planet. We’ve lived through an era of seismic change in which we’ve been isolated, alienated, disconnected and alone. But now, with the increasing number of vaccines that have been dispensed, and international travel looking once again like a reality, it will not be long before we are able to reunite with the people we love and the friends we cherish. Of the various destinations amenable to this ebullient celebration of kinship, our favourite is the Patina resort in the Maldives, situated in the Fari Islands on an atoll 45 minutes away by boat from the country’s capital, Malé. This is the first of a four-island ecosystem — created by the extraordinary Singaporean real estate developers Pontiac Land Group — that will also include the Ritz-Carlton and Capella hotels. Each hotel will be situated on its own island, with complimentary boat transfers in between. Patina Maldives, which opened on May 18 this year, comprises 90 villas and 20 studios, and is located on the largest of these islands, which are also home to award-winning restaurants, a world-class dive and recreational centre, and The Rake’s new men’s and women’s boutiques, each housing a Revolution Watch and Jewellery Bar.

Jean-Claude Biver, the watch industry legend and a senior adviser to Revolution and The Rake, says of the new concept: “This is the future of travel retail, where couples and families can come to a glorious destination like the Maldives, but when they visit the hotel shop, they realise that it is one of the best curated retail establishments in the world. The shop becomes a window for discovery into all the artisan beauty the world possesses and that they would never find on, say, Fifth Avenue or Avenue Montaigne.”

Evan Kwee, the Head of Design and Hospitality at Pontiac Land Group, says: “The idea of collaborating with The Rake and Revolution is to bring real curated taste to the resort shopping experience, but also an underlying sense of ethics in terms of the brands we support. In many hotels, the shop is an afterthought. At Patina, we wanted to create a men’s and women’s shop that is world class and that champions smaller artisans; that offers real style and elegance but also makes people feel good about what they have purchased.”




July 2021


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