The Rake Dispatch: Visiting Florence during Pitti Uomo

Florence during Pitti Uomo is buzzing with aesthetic excellence, reflected in the fashions of the revellers and the beauty of the city’s architecture.
Florence, photographed by Jeroen Noordzij.

There is no better time to visit; as an international atmosphere takes over, and the opportunity to share drinks and dinner with fellow menswear-enthusiasts becomes a daily part of your routine in between visits to the fair. Florence meets expectations…but in other ways, it exceeds them too. Having spent years revisiting Pitti Uomo, The Rake has discovered an alternative, rakish side to Florence that still seems preserved outside of the tourism bustle. It is worth seeking out the restaurants and bars that are slightly off of the beaten track - as well as indulging in the classic addresses that will flood your social media feed. This is where to go to impress your new friends after a day of strolling around the Fortezza da Basso.


January 2023


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