The Rake End of Season Sale: Capture the remaining Gems

It is not always a rite of passage to discover the hidden treasures in a sale, but here we hand-pick the best of the rest which isn’t always detectable at first glance.

It is so often at the end of the sale pilgrimage, that your thinking of what to buy has become impaired somewhat, with no clear route into finding what you want. Here at the Rake we bring you an oasis of calm in the final days of sale with some outstanding items primarily in an abundance of size options, from some of the most reputable brands around the world.

Few companies are as likely to enrich the shearling component of a modern gentleman’s outerwear collection as Alfredo Rifugio. An indomitable figure of Italian craftsmanship for over 50 years: seeing apparel in an off-price state from 'The King of Leather Jackets' is like spotting a snow leopard in southern Siberia. As there’s a chill in the air (possibly from the Russian province) Rifugio’s honey shearling zipped jacket is an extremely stylish option to keep the bitter winds at bay. Wear a toasty rollneck from Altea and flannel trousers from Edward Sexton with it and you’ll be channelling Steve Buscemi in Fargo, 1996. Another iconic piece of outerwear and a rare commodity amongst smaller artisans, Fortela’s duffle coat scales the best parts of dégagé elegance, comfort and light-hearted humour, which we all need this winter.


    Freddie Anderson


    January 2021


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