The Rake Riders Community

As we’re in the final days of The Rake Riders Cycling Club new limited edition kit being available, we thought it apt to delve into The Rake Riders Community.

The Rake Riders Cycling Community is not too dissimilar to the Barefoot Society, that we touched upon during the recent launch of the Ralph Lauren for The Rake ‘Bearfoot Negroni Bear’ watch. The Barefoot Society is unofficial and fanciful, but exists between a likeminded legion of people who reside barefoot for the shared view that it is a gentle source of happiness, authenticity and freedom. The Rake Riders is a club of sorts, but is set up to be accessible to anyone around the world, to not only unite cycling enthusiasts, but to usher a camaraderie where people can enjoy the freedom, vitality and adventure that cycling brings. You don’t have to be cycling with the people in this group (although some do) to feel part of it. The idea of creating The Rake Riders Cycling Club limited edition kit, is that people from all corners of the globe can join a select group, by wearing the kit. Whether you’re on a steep climb in the Alps or riding through the urban metropolis of Singapore, there will be someone donning the same kit as you and experiencing similar emotions when in the saddle.

The buying window for The Rake Riders Cycling Club kit is open from now until Sunday 30th May 2021. Delivery for this limited edition kit will be 4-5 weeks.


    Freddie Anderson


    May 2021


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