The Rake Sale: Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo

With Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo entering The Rake sale, it is now possible to experience similar exhilaration to hedge fund king, Crispin Odey, when he betted on the right side of the Brexit outcome. However, instead of making money, you’ll be acquiring tailoring of supreme elegance. Here we handpick a few of the standout items from the Brexit sale.

It is not just the beautifully designed garments that are exquisitely crafted by a small tailoring factory in Puglia, Italy, that have resonated with likeminded folk, but there is an ethical revolution being borne out with an enthusiasm to make the top-tier of ready-to-wear elegance more accessible. Already marked at a price point that is undeniably generous to the consumer, Alexander Kraft has decided to hold a unique Brexit sale, that is there to surmount any previous moods of contemplation into decisive action to boost your cache of impeccable tailoring.


    Freddie Anderson


    July 2021


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