The Rake Sale: Cordone 1956

Cordone 1956 are well-known for adding a healthy soupçon of elegance and resplendence into their shirting repertoire. Here we narrow down your search for the ultimate summer shirt from the brand in The Rake Sale.

Cordone 1956 epitomise the best of Italian tradition. Each garment is handmade by its small team of artisans based in Aielli, Abruzzo, around 80 miles east of Rome. Luigi Cordone Jr. has been at the helm for a number of years and continues the shirting mastery at the family fiefdom. He once told The Rake: “A handmade garment has a unique flavour. Every day I see my workers embroidering armholes or buttonholes, and I think we really should create a school to pass these crafts on. Our collection is vast, not only in terms of product but details, too — we do this to try to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Customers notice things like pleated shoulders, hand-finished buttonholes and shoulder seams: they’re very attentive to anything that can make them a better product for use on a daily basis.”


    Freddie Anderson


    June 2021


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