The Rake Sale: Edward Sexton

With a tailoring career spanning six decades, one would be forgiven for slowing down. Not Edward Sexton, whose ready-to-wear collections this year seem to carry an extra potency of rebellion. For a short time only, you have an opportunity to join this youthful spirit by obtaining an Edward Sexton masterpiece at an extremely rare price point.

In a year of forced upon setbacks for British tailors, many have had to adapt in unforeseen ways. An eerily sedate street for stretches of the pandemic, some distinguished Savile Row tailors have scaled back their operations. Not Edward Sexton though, this past year has seen him retrace his steps after a near 30-year absence by opening a pop-up shop at 36 Savile Row – the very premises he and Tommy Nutter began their tailoring revolution at, 50 years previously. Recognising the adversity the industry was facing, Edward Sexton not only planted his firm in the heart of its historical boulevard, but enacted a stylistic insurgency with it. By producing arguably his most dynamic and flamboyant ready-to-wear collections to date, we feel he’s made a concerted effort to galvanise the industry and its customers to a place of greater freedom.

Tapping into this uprising of sorts has now suddenly become more accessible. Edward Sexton has never been a brand to reap the fruits of a long sale period, and so for a short time only, there is a rare opportunity to release your eccentricities into the open, by getting your mitts on a quirky-yet-authentic Edward Sexton piece at an attainable price point.


    Freddie Anderson


    July 2021


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