The Rake Sale: Seize the remaining pearls

Although we’re at the rear-end of The Rake sale, it doesn’t mean only the unwanted are left. Very far from it in fact, with reputable brands entering all the time, we thought it apt to narrow down the best of the rest, and to make your choice a little easier we’ve styled the remaining items into complete looks.

Comparable to the Andes Race “The Chaski Challenge” – a vertical ultramarathon in Peru’s ancient Sacred Valley of Incas, the sale period for menswear enthusiasts can be a gruelling section of the year. Once you’ve painstakingly sifted through endless pages of products which you’re not interested in; to then arrive at the jewel you’ve been looking for, there’s this conundrum as to whether to purchase its current off-price state, or wait until there’s further reductions, but then risk your size selling out. Here at The Rake we bring you an oasis of calm in the final days of sale, and instead of waiting for that one item, we’ve decided to put together a concoction of looks, based on the environment you find yourself in this summer. It might just swing the debate you’ve been having, one way or the other.

Greek taverna

Whether it be on a remote Greek island or inland near Kardamyli, Peloponnese, the hideaway of Anglo-Irish travel writer, Patrick Leigh Fermor, dining out is arguably more laid-back than the French Riviera or Amalfi Coast. This doesn’t mean wearing an outfit that is less stylish, it is about mustering up the coolest outfit for your surroundings. On the Riviera you might wear an unlined linen jacket or a wide horizontal linen shirt, but in Greece the attire is more subtle, fluid and nonchalant. Greece is closer to the Middle East, so it is conceivable to see why white is extremely congruous with its own surroundings. With its slightly faded white colouring, Cordone 1956’s linen Capri collar shirt can be worn anywhere in the Med, but certainly fits the bill in Greece. Made from acetate, which is known for its high level of comfort and moisture absorption properties, De Petrillo’s cream trousers in the fabric would a very compatible choice.


    Freddie Anderson


    July 2021


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