The Rake Staff's Sale Edit

The Rake’s staff curate a capsule wardrobe comprised of their favourite pieces from the Sale.
The Rake Staff's Sale Edit


Tom Chamberlin, Editor This is for all of us who dream to grow cold gracefully. Caruso's dark brown belted coat is ostentatiously unpretentious, with patch pockets large enough to hold anything from your cold hands to a box of cigars, what more could a man want? You'll hear from Drew later in this piece that corduroy is the ultimate winter fabric, and I agree were it not for flannel, cosy and wonderful protection from the elements, the elegant double buttoning on the waistband is an extra bonus. The cardigan is the king of knitwear and Altea have produced a thing of beauty here with a pretty mixture of cable knit patterns and regimental stripes. Rikesh Chauhan, Social Media Manager
As early mornings in London are finally beginning to get a bit crisp, outerwear is firmly on my mind. I've selected these three as my key picks from The Rake Sale. First up is Ring Jacket's Motorcycle coat — it's sensational. I've not seen anything like it, from the button placement, the pocket positioning, the cloth and silhouette. It's incredibly crafted, as it would be. Ring Jacket are meticulous in their work, and it's truly showcased here. I don't even have a motorcycle but that won't be stopping me.
Grenfell are masters of their craft, and this Navy Shooter jacket caught my eye the minute I saw it. You really can't go wrong with any of their outerwear, but the classic design here is full of detailed gems that will really keep you on your toes. The internal pockets are of a different world, but I'll let you discover that for yourself. Finally, I don't hide the fact that I'm a massive fanboy of Camoshita. Their wool coat with the contrast corduroy bal collar is down to the final few, and given the ridiculous price point via our sale, I can't imagine it being around for much longer.
We have a wide selection of knitwear available on The Rake, so it was quite difficult to highlight one piece. Ultimately, I chose this braid crew neck from Altea because it's the most versatile. I can wear this casually with jeans or under a suit, I can go for a preppy Ivy League look, I can opt for a high-low approach. The colour, texture and weight of the cloth is beautiful. It's a must have in my book. To round off my selection, I've chosen a couple of pairs of go-to trousers for year-round wear. Kit Blake have a beautiful, almost old school cut, bringing volume and drape without looking too big - it's quintessential menswear and to get a pair for just over £150? Sold. Whilst I've gone for a classic colour with Kit Blake, it's always good to have warmer tones in your attire, and this pair by specialists Pantaloni Torino do the trick.
Drew Laidlaw Hoare, Marketing Director You can’t go wrong with a striped shirt and they don’t get much better than the button-down versions from G. Inglese. Literally the best shirt money can buy. I may be Irish, but I’m certainly not a fisherman, however I don’t think that should stop me or anyone else from enjoying the beautiful comfort of a rollneck jumper from knitwear specialists, Inis Meáin. Ring Jacket's brown wool herringbone coat is an amazing find. Made in Japan yet cut from a traditional English cloth from Marling & Evans, its simplicity is what makes it so good. Simple collar, covered front placket, raglan shoulder - to be worn over tailoring, or to the pub, or on a long Sunday walk. Corduroy or ‘Cords’ may well be the perfect winter trouser. Supremely comfortable and able to be worn with any number of knitwear, jacketing and outwear options, you won’t regret adding a pair into your wardrobe. A more de luxe version of the waxed cotton field jacket, this functional garment from Caruso will cover all of your casual outerwear needs this winter. A less common take on the separate grey trouser, this pair from L.B.M. 1911 are a great option for those looking for something different from the usual grey flannels. Mike Hughes, Business Development Manager I might not look it, but I am an absolute fiend for workwear. Especially hybrid pieces that toe the line between workwear and your classic tailoring garments. Firstly, I present to you two pieces, both are based around the classic French workwear jacket style - the Ring Jacket version in a soft baby cord, which would look amazing with some raw denim jeans; and its summery Irish linen counterpart from Anderson & Sheppard. Those with a keen eye will have spotted matching linen trousers for sale earlier this year - do yourself a favour and buy the matching jacket. The 'workwear suit' is coming. The third piece is the legendary travel jacket from Anderson & Sheppard, made in a heavy cotton drill. Apparently, there are fifteen pockets sewn into this jacket - I have never stopped to count them all but I take their word for it. Lose your hand sanitiser in a pocket and you'll be fumbling around until the New Year. Some accessories for you next. I see my colleagues are telling you to buy beautiful shirts from G Inglese. I am imploring you to go the extra mile and buy the signature scent! Get that 'fresh out the box' new shirt feeling every time you spritz this into the air and walk through it - people still apply their fragrance like that, right? Albert Thurston have been making braces and only braces for 200 years. They feature a 2 in 1 function for the undecided amongst you - choose between gold clips or brown crocodile effect leather ends. Finally, as we approach the season of giving, it makes sense to procure a gift for your best friend. My Wirehaired Vizsla, Ralph, would love this new collar and leash. Made in England by Hardy & Parsons out of bridle leather - he'd be the envy of the park. Freddie Anderson, Editorial Associate Hooked customers on fast and affordable clothes have always thought they can flick a switch without repercussions. Consequently, this temporary attitude to clothes has darker impacts on wider cognitive and environmental forces. You’re never satisfied because you don’t love what you bought. It is why I hover in the background, scanning what is out there, but only striking when I firmly believe what I’m buying cuts the mustard in what I’m looking for. High-quality craftsmanship is the basis and luckily here on all brands fulfil this credential and more. In terms of style, subtle originality is key, but always like to visualise how this framework can still exist when combining unusual combinations. Usually, I’m prone to push these boundaries, but with no events lined up, I’m going to keep it casual, and on this rare occasion opt for functionality, which is where Valstar’s beige cotton blend padded Milano raincoat comes in. Hailing from Wales, where the heavens are always open, the jacket is lightweight for freedom of movement. Another region of Gaelic roots with heavy rainfall is the island of Inis Meáin. If there was ever a brand that embodies subtlety with naturally fixed originality it is the brand with the same name. The texture and pattern of their red and green Beairtíní mock neck knit is quite something to behold and acts as the insulator underneath a light raincoat. Caruso’s navy pleated wool trousers are adaptable and are in sync with the understated nature of the outfit. Please see here to view the rest of the Sale.