The Rake Staff's Valentine's Day Gifting Edit

Secretly a gentleman will hanker after a Valentine’s Day gift. It is why The Rake’s staff have curated a collection to help you treat the extra-special man in your life.


Tom Chamberlin, Editor

Let’s be frank, love is complicated and expressing it appropriately even more so. We are all at varied stages of our lives and our relationship statuses are not always going to be the same as each other. So my choices are based on trying to make everyone happy acknowledging that it may just end up with no one happy.

Hygiene however is a good jumping-off point, as I don’t think it’s gentlemanly to lower one’s standards in that area. I share with the Founder of The Rake that the key grooming item is soap, so this from D R Harris is by personal experience a must-have.

Also with pan-appeal in mind, this shirt from Turnbull & Asser. They are considered the best shirtmaker in the world for good reason so are great for men, but also any guy who has that fantasy of their other half swanning about with your shirt on…

Bear with me on this matchbox, as from a married man’s perspective, this is a smart gift to get. First of all it is from Linley, which means from a craft and design point of view, it is peerless. What is perhaps most appealing is how it indicates thoughtful practicality. It is intended for the house, something for people to see something so simple and elegant, which will be opened up to light a candle or two.

    Drew Laidlaw Hoare, Marketing Director

    I’m a big fan of coffee table books, so here I’ve selected two options that would be a worthy addition to any home. The Impossible Collection of Wine is, admittedly, a very expensive book. Unfortunately, Assouline don’t do a smaller version, so it is this or nothing. I think though the investment will be worth it for when you’re able to suddenly pretend you actually know what you’re talking about when next buying wine at your local wine shop or ordering off the wine list at your favourite restaurant. On the more affordable side is The Irishman: The Making of the Movie. Regardless of whether you loved the movie (or thought it was a bit long), there’s no doubting it was beautifully produced. Featuring special on-set photography, studio portraits and interviews with those involved in the film, this stunning book takes readers behind the scenes and examines the making of The Irishman in the context of Scorsese’s expansive career.

      On the more functional side, you can’t go wrong with a gift from Asprey and this shark skin leather card holder is a unique choice. Another great option is a discrete Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth speaker, for those looking for a more sophisticated home speaker system.

      People joke about socks and underwear as the ultimate clichéd gift. But they are a cliché for a reason, because they are always well-received and everyone needs them. So, if you do go down this route, then you may as well go to the best in the business and they don’t come much nicer than those from CDLP. Made from lyocell, they are extremely comfortable and feature, thankfully, very minimal branding. Last but not least is a subscription to The Rake Magazine, coming in a 12 or 24 month option, which you might even label the ultimate gift.

      Rikesh Chauhan, Social Media Manager

      I'm at a point in my life where everything I decide to buy, or put on my wishlist in this case, has to serve some sort of functional purpose. That is to say, I don't currently need another pair of shoes to add to my collection, and if I were to purchase another tie, I'd probably get kicked out of the house before Valentine's Day even came around. This brings me to my holy (and somewhat revised) trinity. Fortela's collection on is brilliant, which would explain why so much of it has sold. There are a few gems left however, one such piece being this white cycle jacket. One doesn't need to own a cycle, be it bike or motor, to wear this, but you'd definitely look badass if you did. From riding around the town to weekends at home, Doppia's vintage-style cardigan in navy is an incredibly well-crafted option for both. There's also an iteration in rust brown if you fancy something a little bolder. Finally, spending a year in lockdown has left me yearning for visits into the city. Two British stalwarts, Turnbull & Asser and Floris, came together a while ago to create a signature collaborative must-have eau de parfum, inspired by the shirtmaker's flagship store on 71/72 Jermyn Street, hence the name.

        Mike Hughes, Business Development Manager

        As a Welshman, naturally I celebrate St. Dwynwen's Day, named for the Welsh patron saint of lovers. After some googling on what Valentine's day is, I am glad to report back it's a similar thing - a high stakes celebration of love where no matter how much your giftee says they don't want a gift, they're secretly disappointed if you rock up empty-handed.

        After suffering through what felt like the longest Dry January in history, this crystal tumbler from Linley will help get me off that wagon. Handmade in Cumbria, it's so beautifully crafted you won't even miss the pub. We stock two sizes at The Rake and obviously I'm plugging the jumbo one, designed to hold epic pours of your favourite drop. Our Irish copywriter has named it a whiskey tumbler, but you can lose that E at your discretion.

        You may as well give up on the idea of lounging around in your new Gownsmith dressing gown now, because this isn't for you at all. You're allowed to wear it once when it's presented to you, but from henceforth your partner's alarm will be mysteriously set a few minutes before yours, and they'll be snatching your gown every morning. The perfect gift is the one your better half can steal - so they'll say.

        And whilst I'm sat at home, drinking my whisky and (finally) wearing my new gown, what better than reaching into the pocket and pulling out this leather cigar case from Rapport. Just a single stick, mind, the three cigar holder is primed and ready for post-lockdown gatherings. If you've been really good there's a Partagas D4 from EGM already in there for you. Yes. I'm extending the superstition of gifting an empty wallet to cigar cases - you're welcome.

          Freddie Anderson, Editorial Associate

          As a fellow Welshman and with one of our most famous offspring being the great neo-romantic poet Dylan Thomas, Valentine’s Day is an unmissable date. Posing a different challenge to most of my married colleagues, who by now are well-versed on the day’s context, each year seems to dictate a very different approach. Instead of items that might be useful now, I’ve decided to look ahead, with a hint of romance attached to each piece for a particular occasion. Forgotten about red wine stained dress shirts have in the past induced mild panic on the day of the ball, so with the intention of dancing the Viennese Waltz with someone close this year, De Petrillo’s white cotton winged collar tuxedo shirt would be a welcome addition. Last week I found myself in sunglasses during a sunny day, whilst knee-deep in snow. It reminded me that a cool pair of shades are necessary all-year-round – and in the Gene sunglasses from The Reference Library, I can imagine donning this soulful pair with an Italian knit on a summer holiday with friends. Finally, alluring ties this past year have bypassed my purchasing intentions for obvious reasons. Mess of Blues are the go-to brand for ties in vintage fabrics – and when the day arrives to wear a tie again (we hope soon) it would be lunacy to wear a plain one.


            February 2021


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