The countdown to the most hotly anticipated cocktail project in recent memory is over. Through The Rake Tailored Beverages, we are extremely excited and proud to bring you a pioneering pre-made Negroni cocktail. The Negroni No. 1 is not only the manifestation of multiple years of research and recipe perfection, but it is the pillar of a scheme that is set to transform the Negroni into a global men’s lifestyle brand and culture.
Photo by Kim Lang

In old-school Ivy League speak, Paul Feig is a ‘renaissance man’ — in other words, a polymath devoted to art, style and humanitarianism, and an individual who excels in each discipline. He has established a reputation as a groundbreaking director, with triumphs such as Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters under his belt. He is also one of the world’s style icons, as the single Hollywood luminary championing classic sartorialism. But it is perhaps in his roles as the founder of the award-winning gin brand Artingstall’s and as the host of Quarantine Cocktail Time on Instagram that he has become most familiar to us over this past, remarkable year. To be specific, Quarantine Cocktail Time, in which Feig danced, narrated, entertained, teased his wife, Laurie, and instructed us on mixing boozy creations, applied a gladdening and healing salve to our fractured, bleeding souls. And during this past 12 months he marvelled at how one drink in particular, the Negroni — invented in 1919 at Florence’s Caffè Casoni, for the Count of Negroni — suddenly became far more than a cocktail.

“I love how the Negroni became a symbol of comradery and good cheer on social media during the crazy year we just experienced,” Feig says. “It was almost by making, drinking and posting your Negroni that you were part of a resistance against the encroaching darkness of negative emotions stirred up by isolation that we were all grappling with in 2020. So when The Rake approached me to create my ultimate pre-made Negroni, to celebrate our survival of the most seismic year we have ever experienced and to celebrate all the wonderful moments that await us in the near future, I seized the opportunity.”

If Eskimos have a thousand words for ‘snow’, Feig has just as many recipes for the Negroni, the drink that has become the most conspicuously quaffed beverage on Instagram. After all, this is the man who, during the early days of the pandemic, decided to single-handedly lift the world’s spirits (pun intended) with Quarantine Cocktail Time.

    The Rake Tailored Beverages is here. Please note the RTB Negroni No. 1 is only available to be shipped to the US (selected states), the UK and EU and Artingstall's gin the UK and EU. Contact for further information.

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    December 2021


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