The Rake Tailored Garments – Creating Community through Collaboration

Over the years The Rake has been lucky enough to partner with some of the most influential tailors in menswear, thus creating this wonderful symbiosis in the world of tailoring, which transcends to the wider stakeholders to form a vital community in traditional menswear.

At the Rake we do not believe in traditional competition. Nor do we feel that classic style is a zero-sum game, meaning that a customer purchasing one of our garments does so at the exclusion of those made by other brands. Instead we believe that by creating accessibly priced, beautifully made, handsomely styled and ultra-comfortable tailoring we grow the audience for timeless elegance. This benefits the entire community of traditionalist brands.

When we created The Rake, we thought our magazine would appeal to older men. But what we quickly realized was that we inspired an all new generation of men in their twenties who wanted to define their style in a unique and classic way. A way that allowed them to dress as individuals rather than follow the dictates of fashion. A way that would would serve as a strong sartorial foundation even as they evolved in their journey through life.


    September 2020


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