The Rake Tailored Garments: Grey Flannel Double-Breasted Suit

The double-breasted jacket is today perceived to be highly traditionalist. A century ago it was the hallmark of the sartorial rebel, but in The Rake Tailored Garments version of the grey double-breasted suit, designed from a fusion of English, Italian and French tailoring, you’re able to follow your own sartorial vision and make it work on your terms, whichever stylistic camp you’re in.

The objective of The Rake Tailored Garments is to bring back the dialogue to men’s classic elegance. Using all the greatest moments in men’s style; where better to start than with the “King of Italy” himself, the richest man in modern Italian history and the “Rake of the Riviera” after whom the magazine was originally named.

A bon vivant until the end, he had an insatiable appetite for an aesthete that mirrored his lifestyle. A man known to incorporate eccentric and yet subtle finery into his armoury, he also had the nonchalant ability to perpetrate stylistic quirks in the way he wore his clothes, which would leave a long-lasting legacy. It’s no surprise then that Agnelli has been at the forefront of the inspiration for The Rake Tailored Garments. Our grey flannel double-breasted suit is dedicated in a number of ways to Agnelli’s devotion to the grey fabric.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2020


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