The Rake Tailored Garments: Navy Double-Breasted 4-Ply Blazer

Descending from Naval origins, it is apt that the Commodore-in-chief of the Royal Naval Reserve, Prince Michael of Kent is the inspiration behind The Rake Tailored Garments navy double-breasted 4-ply Blazer. Heralding sophistication, adaptability, regalness and relaxed elegance this gold buttoned blazer will stand as the core for the rest of your outfit.  

At the time of his birth, Prince Michael of Kent was seventh-in-line to throne. He now sits at 48th in the line of succession. Prince Michael’s interests spread far and wide. He’s a qualified interpreter of Russian and takes a particular interest in Russian affairs. His maternal grandmother was a cousin of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. It’s conceivable that his distinctive, empowering and regal beard has been passed down the royal bloodline without divergence from his Russian ancestors, the Romanovs. Almost as symbolic as his beard, he has become known to sport impeccably tailored double-breasted blazers with real distinction. The navy double-breasted blazer with gold buttons is perhaps his most recognizable of all. Taking inspiration from Prince Michael of Kent in this elemental classic, The Rake Tailored Garments have come up with a version in their very own guise, with it comprising a fusion of English, Italian and French tailoring techniques.


    Freddie Anderson


    October 2020


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