The Rake Tailored Garments continue their stylistic insurgency in a post-lockdown world with a second drop of garments that imbue a similar revolutionary spirit. With the help of our valued partners, we’ve yet again been able to curate a totally unique offering on the market that embodies a renewed hunger for comfort, size and fit, whilst remaining totally accessible.
Harry wears The Rake Tailored Garments dark sage double-breasted jacket and trousers, shirt by Edward Sexton, tie by Serà Fine Silk, pocket square by Anderson & Sheppard.

Whether you’re in the grand wood-panelled boardroom of Mayfair investment firm, Killik & Co, or strolling barefoot along the white sands of the Maldives, The Rake Tailored Garments stylistic objective is to ordain freedom and expression. In the realms of rigid tailoring, it isn’t always possible for the wearer to fulfil and incorporate their own idiosyncratic ideas into their look, whilst honoring the traditions and quality in what you're wearing. Even though The Rake Tailored Garments 2020 launch liberated the wearer in not yet seen before ways, the spring/summer editions are arguably more dynamic. Still unsure on the prospects of travel when we released the first of our summer designs, our second wave is coinciding with a much brighter holiday outlook. We're extremely excited to launch a new assortment of feel-good tailoring, where the emphasis on construction and fit has been intensely scrutinized to create a more virile effect, thus making the wearer feel sexy, comfortable and fundamentally cool. When speaking to The Rake’s Founder, Wei Koh, Lorenzo Cifonelli said: “You want to imagine the emotions your client has when he slips on the Rake jacket for the first time”. We strongly believe that our unique fit and design aesthetic offers something totally different on the market, and with people vehemently wanting to express themselves, whilst not wanting to break the bank, The Rake through its carefully curated design premise and choice of partners has done its best to make the feeling of freedom more accessible.

Please note: as this is a MTO collection, the buying window is open from now until Wednesday 26th May, 2021.

Video by Marcus Ebanks


    Freddie Anderson


    May 2021


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