The Rake x Sautter x Samaroli Limited Edition Whisky

The Rake partners with cigar and spirit legend Sautter of Mayfair and Samaroli to launch a limited edition scotch whisky. 
The Rake x Sautter x Samaroli Limited Edition Whisky.

For those in the know, Samaroli is a legendary spirits brand. Samaroli was the first non-English and non-Scottish independent Scotch whisky bottler of its time. From the outset, it was Italian to its core: quirky, temperamental, and unashamedly different. Nothing has changed. Founded in 1968 as one of the world’s first truly independent bottlers of fine Scotch whisky, and one of the first innovators of the now ubiquitous cask strength, some of Samaroli’s early bottlings (Cadenhead, anyone?) are talked about in hushed tones by dedicated lovers of the water of life and scrapped over at auction. That’s why the collaboration between Samaroli, The Rake and cigar and spirit legends Sautter of Mayfair is a match made in heaven. All three share a DNA to disrupt while respecting tradition to innovate outside the norm.

“We produce only a small run of limited bottlings a year,” explains Samaroli Brand Manager Daniele Liberati. “We’re talking 20-25,000 bottles a year. “Our selection is based on aged spirits; whisky, rum, Cognac, Armagnac and aged liquors, created by our Master Blender, Antonio Bleve. We offer a unique approach; every single cask or blend has its own personality.” The illustrations are eye-catching, the designs a world away from traditional, while still saluting the artistry of each collaborating distillery.


Nick Hammond


September 2023


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