A regal ride with WM Brown Project, The Rake and The Belmond Royal Scotsman

The Rake’s Ben St George recently accompanied WM Brown Project founder Matt Hranek and a rogue’s gallery of menswear luminaries on a trip on The Belmond Royal Scotsman…

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be asked to join The Rake’s friend and erstwhile contributor Matt Hranek, for a three-day train journey through the Scottish highlands, in conjunction with Hranek’s WM Brown Project and The Belmond Royal Scotsman. Joining me were what can only be described as a rogue’s gallery of menswear-orbiting funsters, leading to a truly riotous trip, and one for the history books. The negronis were plentiful, the tuxedos multitudinous, the sartorial conversations detailed, the musical debates fierce and the live music wonderful (arguably excepting my highly questionable rendition of ‘Dancing Queen’). Below I’ve asked Mr. Hranek, as the ringleader of this particular gang, to explain the incredible journey in his own words.

Ben St. George


"I have a deep love for Scotland and I had wanted to put together a rail trip for some time that highlighted and celebrated this, from the ingredients in the meals to whisky and tweed. The landscape is, of course, absolutely spectacular and the slower pace of the train journey allows you to take that in. And it would not be complete without a bit of shooting at an old Scottish hunting estate.

"So we put together what I would call the 'heavy-hitters' in the men’s style world; men that would love the excuse to dress in black tie for dinner and put on proper shooting tweed for lunch. I personally packed two evening wear options (not uncommon) - a brown shawl collar smoking jacket with brown wool and taped trousers and a DB black with powder blue tux shirt. Jake Mueser (my A-list tailor, and also a guest) made all this stuff for me for this trip. It was about celebrating the folly of old world dressing and that seemed appropriate for the Royal Scotsman; it just sort of inspires that elegance.


    May 2019


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