The Rake's Latest Cartier Selection with Watchfinder & Co.

It seems you guys can’t get enough of Cartier, so we have curated another selection of Cartier pieces in partnership with Watchfinder & Co. We have put together a tri-nation triplet of Tanks, Americaine, Anglaise and Francaise as well as a perennial favourite, the iconic Pasha. So let us give you a brief overview of these classic pieces.

The Pasha gets its name from the Pasha of Marrakesh, Thami El Glaoui — aka “Lord of the Atlas” — who, in the context of the ’30s, was one of the richest men in the world. In 1932, he commissioned a waterproof watch from Louis Cartier to wear while in his swimming pool, which Cartier delivered to him in 1933. Now that’s where the mystery begins, because the whereabouts of this original watch are unknown, and even the configuration of the watch is unclear.

    Now let’s go back to the ’80s when Alain-Dominique Perrin was at the full height of his creativity. It was clear that there was a market for waterproof luxury watches, with timepieces such as the Ebel 1911 Classic Wave rising in popularity and the solid-gold Rolex Submariner taking a dominant stance. Cartier took the mythology of the Pasha and asked Gérald Genta to manifest a vision of this timepiece. And in 1985, the Pasha de Cartier was born.



    June 2021


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