The Rubinacci Manny Trouser

Responsible for creating the Neapolitan tailoring trademark, it is the Manny trouser in more modern times, that has been the fulchrum of Rubinacci’s ready-to-wear imprint.

Formally an officer in a fashionable cavalry regiment, Gennaro Rubinacci, the founder of the noble house of Rubinacci had this insatiable appetite for an aesthete. It has been passed down to his son Mariano, and his grandson Luca.

Luca is now at the helm and is also the firm’s creative director. The Rubinacci family have been in the bespoke business since 1932, but under the chimerical vision of Luca, they launched their first ready-to-wear line in 2018, with tremendous success. Corresponding with Gennaro’s military background, and an example of Luca’s pioneering renaissance of historical menswear garments, the Manny trouser has long been at the forefront of their ready-to-wear mission.


    Freddie Anderson


    July 2021


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