The slender sweater

When rapscallion musicians and actors such as The Beatles and Steve McQueen were sporting sweaters, you’d think it could possibly never have a lull. Thanks to the democratization of dress codes and reputable menswear brands – a luxurious sleek sweater iteration has never felt so appealing.
Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra playing music during a radio show, December, 1945. (Photo by Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images)

The great attribute of the dependable sweater is its broad appeal. It has even been adopted by the most influential characters of rock 'n' roll. The Beatles endorsed a lightweight version during the height of Beatlemania. In the midst of their most mod-like phase, it was the combination of rollnecks and tailoring that helped propel their stardom to stratospheric heights. Not exactly re-merging as an outfit for touring rock bands, it is in the workplace and in more formal events that sweaters are weaving their way back as tailoring’s formality diffuser. Brewing for a little while, the end of summer has certainly confirmed the aforementioned notion. It is all well and good getting on the bandwagon of this idea, but in order for you to lead the charge, you need to be shrewd in your sweater choice. It is not so much about the style of sweater; crewneck – V-neck, rollneck, half-zip or cardigan – but about harmonizing quality and choice of fabric with fit. Even without the incorporation of tailoring at this time of year, there’s no good sporting a heavy salty sea dog knit as you’ll be wilting underneath its weight.


Freddie Anderson


September 2021


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