The Staple Pieces You Need For a Rakish Summer Ahead

There’s no time like the present, which currently – and fortuitously – allows us all a great deal of time to reflect on and consolidate wardrobe staples for an idyllic summer we’ve been yearning for all iso-long. So, stock up on some Rakish staples for the summer you’ve thought about for months on end.

It is rather comforting to know that those wintry days met with a chill that travels straight to the core, are all but over - even for London’s standard. We can feel it. It’s etching closer and closer; a liberating summer season away from the caveats that have bunkered us ‘at-home’ for months on end. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But a man can only dream. But what we do know is that undoubtedly, it’s been a time of unprecedented hardship for all - but it’s also been a great time for reflection. And perhaps, on a lighter note, a chance to tend to that overflowing (or underwhelming) wardrobe ahead of the imminent summer season. Fortunately, The Rake Sale is back and bigger than ever. A sale that has garnered somewhat of a reputation for offering sartorial traditionalists stellar staples at more than affordable price points, now, more than ever, would be a great time to take advantage of all that we have to offer. Here’s a look at our favourite pieces we think every man needs to ensure he’s summer-ready this coming season.

The Shirt

The importance of a shirt in a man’s clothing arsenal cannot go unnoticed. And while many styles and fabrics are appropriate for the season ahead, we simply can’t look past the effectiveness of the casual linen popover. Somewhat underrated in style, form and function throughout the menswear sphere, a popover - especially in linen fabric - will prove both comfortable and stylish for a range of occasions this season. Dressier than a polo yet less formal than the ubiquitous button-down, the popover holds its own, especially when paired with tailored shorts or trousers, or under a smart, lightweight jacket, like the Harrington. Effortlessly cool in a manner that’s less proper and more understated, we’re all for the popover this summer and beyond.

    The Short

    It’s certainly not summer without the nonchalant style of a casual pair of shorts. But as we’ve witnessed the evolution of menswear throughout the years, the staple short has been brought back to its [military] roots in recent years, allowing for a smarter silhouette to be achieved. Take Rubinacci’s Manny Bermuda shorts, for example. Worn by Nepalese soldiers, these military-inspired shorts offer a higher waistband, extended side adjusters and pleats through the front for elevated elegance, which is more than appropriate to pair with a shirt and penny loafers, for example - an informed approach to summer dressing!

      The Blazer

      This cream check linen blazer by B Corner is perfect for smartening a casual look and will ensure you’re kept in ‘check’ for any spontaneous cocktail invitations you may tend to. Championed by classic Spanish tailoring, B Corner has crafted this 100% linen blazer in Spain, which is accentuated by its unlined structure, notched lapels and soft shoulder; an investment you'll enjoy for years to come, no doubt. Unlined jackets are simply lighter and more breathable which is why B Corner's cotton-linen mix check jackets are also suitable options for this summer.

        The Lightweight Jacket

        Don’t be fooled: the summer might bring warm sunny days and balmy nights, but a brisk chill is bound to set on evenings when least expected. Enter some of our favourite must-have jackets this season. Drake’s have crafted a fantastic blouson jacket that is, in fact, intended as a reversible games jacket, inspired by mid-century school sports kits. This jacket is unique in that, thanks to its short and slightly boxy fit, it pairs effortlessly well with shirts, polos and tailored trousers - perfect for evenings out and about. Also designed for being out and about, whether it be in hotter climes or cooler environments is their aptly named navy cotton Tropical Stable vest which is full of intricate details. Grenfell’s cotton safari jacket is another winner in terms of seasonality. If you’re looking for a casual jacket to beat the evening chill, this safari staple will pair well with most items in your repertoire.

          The Trouser

          Linen trousers will always have our unwavering support, as will these white linen drawstring trousers by the famed Neapolitan pant maker, Marco Pescarolo. Crafted in Italy from fine Irish linen, you can expect a tailored silhouette with a relaxed leg shape that’s sure to see you roam the streets in style. If you’re looking to add a bit more structure, you may favour Marco Pescarolo’s linen and cotton trouser. Both fabrics are summer-proof, with linen adding that lightweight factor you seek during the warmer months, whilst cotton will add a level of structure for a refined silhouette.

            The Shoes

            A lot can be said about a man by the shoes he wears - and the same goes when (successfully) piecing together your summer getup. Enter, a staunch summer favourite: the trusty penny loafer. We’re particularly fond of these chocolate suede penny loafers by Franceschetti. Rendered in brown suede calf leather, these loafers are finished with a Blake Rapid stitched sole for added durability, whilst remaining lightweight. This allows for a comfortable wear throughout the summer, especially on balmy summer nights when you’d rather no shoes at all. Penny loafers are the perfect footwear accompinement for summer and other options come from distinguished brands such as Cifonelli and Scarosso.

              The Accessory

              Beyond the health benefits of wearing sunglasses, it’s the one item that almost instantly elevates one look from good to better - depending on the style of frame, of course. Do as the purveyors of style have done before us and invest in a timeless pair that will mix and match with a range of different looks. Take these aviators by The Bespoke Dudes, for example. These frames are made from laser-decorated, palladium-infused rhodium and are handcrafted in Italy, as all good frames are. From beach to city, these sunglasses look great in most settings and work particularly well with all face shapes thanks to its slightly squared shaping. Limited to just 20 pieces these Kirk Originals taken the Cary Grant’s character in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and are very stylish option for this summer.


                May 2020


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