The Three Ways to serve a Negroni

Paul Feig takes a trip to see his old friend, the spirit healer and maestro bartender Alessandro Palazzi, who gives us a humorous demonstration on his three favourite ways of serving a Negroni at Dukes bar.
Photo by Kim Lang

After Hollywood Director and Artingstall’s Gin Founder Paul Feig lost again to his old backgammon foe, The Rake's Editor-in-Chief Tom Chamberlin, he decided the afternoon would be better spent in Dukes bar. No, Paul wasn’t sitting at the bar solemnly drowning his sorrows; he joined his great friend and legendary bartender Alessandro Palazzi who offers a masterclass on his three favourite ways to serve a Negroni and more specifically The Rake Tailored Beverages Negroni No. 1:

1. Stirred in a mixing jug and served in a frozen martini glass with a zest of orange.

2. Served in an ice-filled (no excess water) tumbler with a slice of orange.

3. In a highball glass with a small drop of soda water and a slice of orange.

Video by Marcus Ebanks


Freddie Anderson


January 2022


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