Look what just got the Overfinch treatment

The genetic modifiers at Overfinch have been tinkering again, this time on Range Rover's latest pin-up, the Velar...
Look what just got the Overfinch treatment

We live in the era of the SUV.  The world might be getting smaller but our appetite for bigger cars has become insatiable. Even the luxury speedsters, the likes of Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Maserati, not to mention Ferrari (whose 'Purosange' is set to release in 2022), have all been getting in on the act with their own supercharged versions of people carriers in chic disguise. While they may have the cachet of high speed, luxury legacies, none can claim the SUV heritage of Range Rover, that literal goliath of heavy-duty, high-end wagons. The latest in Range Rover's long lineage of 4WD behemoths is the Velar, with its 3-litre V6 engine at the top of its family tree.  At 375bhp, the Velar can reach 60mph in just 5.3 seconds, making it no slouch (and only a second slower than the 5-litre supercharged V8 grandaddy of the group, the Range Rover Sport).


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Performance aside, the Velar could arguably be said to have missed every ugly branch as it fell from the aforementioned family tree, making it perhaps the most visually appealing model that Range Rover has ever made, an accolade made only more irrefutable when the genetic modifiers at Overfinch got their hands on it.  That shouldn't come as a surprise. Since 1975, Overfinch has been the originator of Range Rover enhancements, dedicated solely to the Land Rover marque. With a continuous R&D programme and top class production facilities, Overfinch has consistently taken the Range Rover to new, exceptionally high levels of aesthetic prowess, no better evidenced by the latest Velar.


The new Range Rover Velar redefined by Overfinch demonstrates minimalist design for maximum impact. The distinctive enhancement package retains the elegance and sophistication of the base vehicle, whilst emphasising the brand’s signature on-road presence. It has that 'crane your neck factor' in spades. And for the first time, Overfinch has taken an appliqué approach, allowing enthusiasts to select individual upgrade components. The full offering comprises a carbon fibre grille, a front splitter, fog light apertures, a spoiler, rear diffuser with branded tailpipes, and 22” alloy wheels.As well as Overfinch’s renowned visual carbon-fibre, exclusively for Range Rover Velar, parts are also offered in Technical Composite. This lightweight material, chosen for its strength, is finished in high gloss black for a luxurious and contemporary aesthetic. It may be lost on the mums on the school run, but for onlookers who appreciate high art automobiles, the Overfinch Velar is a stop and gawp situation.



Each component is available individually, allowing a greater freedom of choice and selective visual enhancements. Existing Range Rover Velar owners can choose from the full range of options via overfinch.com, have the parts delivered to their door and fitted by a network of recommended partners. Alternatively, customers can order a converted new or used Range Rover Velar, direct from Overfinch, subject to availability. As is customary, the Range Rover specialist welcomes bespoke requests, which begs the question, how do you propose to top this?