Introducing The Wolseley Collection

The Wolseley Collection’s sophisticated homeware and gifting options bring the quintessential timeless elegance of the London institution into the home.

Anyone who has ever visited The Wolseley (if you haven’t, make it your mission to do so post-haste) knows that it isno ordinary restaurant. Located inthe iconic building of 160 Piccadilly,which was built in 1921 as a prestigious car showroom,this is a place steeped in history, dripping in grandeur and synonymous with classicelegance.In a city brimming with chain restaurants, meretricious pop-ups andever-evolving culinary trends, there’s a certain level of comfort in The Wolseley’s enduring old-world charm: everything from the service to the menu to the interior design is imbued with a reassuring timelessness that has earned it a widespread reputation as a true London landmark. As renowned food writer Tom Parker Bowles so eloquently put it, “If restaurants are an art, then The Wolseley is a masterpiece.”

The much-loved establishment was launched in 2003 by legendary restaurateurs and long-time business partners Chris Corbin and Jeremy King. Like all good things, it has only gotten better with age: sixteen years and over six million customers later, The Wolseley continues to dazzle. Held upby a European sumptuousness injected with a distinct British spirit, it has become so much more than just a restaurant - it’s a veritable institution. With such an esteemed reputation and loyal customer base, its growth and evolution as a brand was only natural: the logicalnext stepwas the establishment of a homewares collection that would serve as a way for customers torecreate their experience of The Wolseley at home.“Over the years, we have had so many requests to extend The Wolseley experience into the home,” says LaurenGurvich King, Head of Retail at The Wolseley and responsible for co-creating The Wolseley Collection with Jeremy King.“We are frequently asked whether it is possible to buy our well known coffee, teas, teapots, tea strainers, wines and more. It therefore seemed to make sense to go even further with a full range that would allow us to finally fulfil those requests. So it is with great pride that we launched the collection, giving our customers a chance to take a piece of our Mayfair establishment home.”


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    June 2019


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