The Workers Club: Aficionados Need Only Apply

If you’re a stickler for fabric quality, provenance, and timeless design when it comes to everyday workwear, then we’ve discovered your perfect brand…
The Workers Club AW18 collection uses the best natural fibres to create a rugged yet refined workwear aesthetic.

If you’ve been a Rake reader for any amount of time, you’ll be aware that we’re champions of artisanal brands that often have a heritage that can date back centuries in some cases. As luxury consumers ourselves, we place a great deal of importance on legacies, and rightly so: longevity, in this industry, is a trusty signifier of the attention to detail, peerless quality, and adaptability that combine to make products truly timeless. But all too often, this focus can lead to a sort of myopia: when squinting so far back into the past, one can very easily overlook what’s right there in the present.The Workers Club, founded in 2015 by husband and wife duo Adam and Charlotte Cameron might only be the best part of four years old but is one such fledgeling brand that although short on legacy, is spilling with its constituent ingredients.

When I first met them, the Cameron’s had just set up their design studio in a part-renovated barn in the sleepy Oxfordshire village of Blewbury. The barn stands adjacent to the entrance of a garden centre, that institution of British countryside society. Blewbury was bathed in sunlight that morning, and having had my doubts as to why a husband and wife team might want to set up their fashion label where the Berkshire Downs begin and the memory of anywhere urban has long since ended, I can see the upside. Empty sweeping roads and rolling green hills of the variety that make you drive that touch too fast. Pubs with weather-beaten wooden furniture and fecund hanging baskets showered with colour. It’s parochial England at its most charming, which is ironic because in The Workers Club the Cameron’s have created a truly international aesthetic using truly international suppliers. In the earliest days, the brand was primarily focused on outerwear, Adam’s great passion, but has since grown organically to include wardrobe essentials such as jeans and shirts and knits. One needs to only hold the Japanese selvedge denim of TWC’s jeans in one’s hand to understand that no expense is spared. Between them, the Camerons’ have over 30 years of experience working in the luxury, heritage and fast-fashion industries, so if anyone has earned the right to indulge in the finest fabrics, mills, and artisans, it’s them...


Ryan Thompson


October 2018


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